Bay Window

Usually, when one says bay window, it means three or more windows joined together to create an outer angle on the outside of the house. These kinds of windows come in all shapes – square, hexagonal, octagonal, etc.

Bay windows are primarily used in home designs in Arab countries. However, they are quickly gaining popularity in Europe and America as well. Not only are bay windows gorgeous, but they also add a classic touch to the house’s exterior. Moreover, they also make the interior of the house more spacious.

What Exactly are Bay Windows?

“Bay” comes from the French word “Bae,” which means opening. Sometime during the renaissance period, Bay windows came into existence. There are one-angled, three-sided windows that are usually six feet high. They open outward from the house’s exterior wall and never touch the floor.

Bay windows also gained massive popularity during the gothic era, as they were used widely in chapels, large churches, etc. Then, during the Victorian era, Bay windows were used in mansions, houses, churches, etc.

Kinds of Bay Windows

Bay windows were made in medieval times, and over the years, many architects and interior designers have added additions and improvements to their designs. Hence, after all these years, Bay Windows exists in many different styles. Let’s find out more about them!

Oriel Bay Windows

Oriel Bay Window is the oldest type of bay window designed during the renaissance period. This window is found only on one side of the house's exterior wall. They do not touch the ground and are usually supported by wood or stone underneath it.

Box Bay Windows

Akin to its name, this window is shaped like a box with flat sides and a roof. Usually, box bay windows are popular in Europe. However, when it comes to the mechanics, these windows don’t have angled sides.

Canted Bay Windows

These windows have a flat front and are usually used in Victorian-style houses.

Circle Bay Windows

Circle bay windows are round in shape and are usually installed at the corner of a house. They are usually three feet outwards from the exterior wall of the house.

Bow Bay Windows

Bow bay windows are perfect if you want a better scenic view of the outside world, as their curvature allows it. A formation makes them off three or more casement windows. These windows also do not touch the floor and are more significant than Oriel bay windows.

Benefits of Bay Window

Following are some of the advantages of Bay Windows:

  • Bay windows add a classic touch to the exterior of your house and provide ultimate functionality.
  • Bay windows add value to your property.
  • Bay windows provide ample natural light in your room and elevate its ambiance.
  • Bay windows make the interior of your house look more spacious.
  • Bay windows create extra space to keep ornaments such as vases, couches, etc.
  • Bay windows provide a beautiful view of outside the house.
  • Bay windows give a better view of the neighborhood.
  • Bay windows can be opened and closed as per your needs, as the left and right parts of the window need to be fixed.
  • Bay windows are contemporary.
  • Bay windows are energy efficient.

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