Triple glazing in Glasgow is becoming increasingly popular due to its high efficiency and contemporary design values. Let’s find out more about them!

What is a Triple Glazed Window?

Triple-glazed windows are windows with three panes of glass joined together in a frame. These kinds of windows are akin to double-glazed windows but with an extra glass pane. Between each pane, there is an air pocket that contains inert gas like argon. This air or gas pocket aims to provide maximum energy efficiency, noise reduction, and trapping heat.

The third glass pane is placed halfway between the inner and outer double-glazing panes in triple-glazed windows. This generates double airlocks that eventually improve the energy efficiency compared to double glazing by at least 50%.

Advantages of Triple Glazing

When it comes to the benefits of Triple glazing, it has more to do with personal preferences. As it turns out, insulating your home’s roof, walls, and the floor does not excuse you from cold spots indoors. However, triple glazing is the only way to ensure no cold air penetrates your house and it stays energy efficient.

Cold spots can cause draughts, keeps heat away from the indoors, and also cause condensation streams on the panes. Triple glazing is a perfect way to avoid this and make insulation effective. Apart from this, triple glazing in Glasgow has many other advantages. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Triple-Glazed windows provide the best thermal comfort levels as it holds onto the heat a bit longer. In addition, this kind of window provides maximum energy efficiency.
  • Triple-glazed windows are the best to ensure that noise reduction is maximized and provide the best acoustic in indoor settings.
  • With triple-glazed windows, the risks of condensation are decreased marginally. The lower U Values of these windows aid in minimizing internal condensation problems as the heat is prevented from escaping indoors.

Disadvantages of Triple Glazing

While triple glazing has ample pros in its basket, it also has several cons. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It is expensive.
  • It has heavier frames, which can potentially harm the walls.
  • Their performance can be improved if installed correctly.

Does Triple Glazing Elevate my Home’s Value?

Over the years, many architects have preferred triple glazing over double glazing. And this movement is still in process, and it is surmised that if the movement continues to rise, it will add value to every home with it. This is mainly as more and more emphasis is being put on reducing carbon emissions to lessen global warming, more focus is put on improving the energy performance of the windows, and soon double glazing will be obsolete.

Hence, if your home has triple glazing, it is already a few steps ahead of other houses, and thus its value will be increased over time.

Are Triple-Glazed Windows Costly?

There is no doubt that the cost of triple-glazed windows is double that of double-glazed windows. But, while the prices make many customers wary of buying them, the bigger picture clearly illustrates that in the long run, the energy cost is reduced by a long shot.

Also, our experts install triple grade windows with a 5-year workmanship guarantee. So, if the glass fogs, indicating a crack, we will replace the windows without additional service charges. That is the level of customer satisfaction that we have been attaining in the past two decades.

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