Sash windows add charm and beauty to any home, yet require regular upkeep in order to perform as intended. This involves conducting a rot check and repairing any damages as soon as they arise.

Sliding sash windows offer cooling convection and ventilation while also offering classic heritage style – making them the ideal choice for period homes.

They are aesthetically pleasing

Sash windows have an iconic aesthetic and are increasingly used in period properties and new build homes that take inspiration from traditional styles. Sash windows also add an eye-catching flourish to contemporary houses; regular painting will help maintain their good looks while helping reduce draughts.

Sliding sash windows feature counterbalances connected by cords and pulleys that serve to open and close them, tilt for cleaning purposes, or tilt back for easy maintenance. Sliding sash windows are simple to operate and instantly familiar.

Sash windows can be constructed of aluminium or uPVC frames, which are more durable than timber frames and less likely to flex or warp over time compared with wooden counterparts; also eliminating the need for regular repainting jobs like wooden ones do. Modern sash windows come equipped with double glazing that increases energy efficiency while simultaneously decreasing noise pollution; some models even feature draught-proof seals to keep out drafts!

They are energy efficient

If your heating costs have skyrocketed, replacing old sash windows with modern versions might be worth your while. Thanks to advancements in insulation and sealing technology, modern double-pane sash windows offer increased energy efficiency over their single pane counterparts.

If your sash windows are rattling, make sure that their catches are functioning as intended and pulling both sashes tightly together. For added energy-efficiency, try brush pile strips which stop rattles while simultaneously decreasing drafts.

Some homeowners opt for double glazing on single-glazed sash windows to reduce energy costs; however, this may not be appropriate in conservation areas or listed buildings as it can damage their appearance. An alternative would be composite sash windows made with wood on the inside and aluminium cladding on the exterior, as these will retain your property’s character without drilling and hammering damaging original frames.

They are easy to maintain

Sash windows may become inefficient without proper care and maintenance, yet it is still possible to achieve high energy performance by making modifications without replacing them entirely. A combination of draughtproofing and enhanced glass can greatly increase their thermal efficiency and help you reach high performance without replacing period sash windows with modern ones.

Finding a skilled craftsman that specialises in restoring and upgrading period sash windows is essential to ensure they fit perfectly into your home, providing security and insulation benefits as you need.

If you own period sash windows, it is wise to examine them regularly for signs of damage, drafts and timber decay. A quick inspection with a pencil may reveal damage such as rotted timber that needs repairs and repainting. A window overhaul might include high-quality draught proofing along with sealed units equipped with Low-E glass that will significantly increase energy efficiency and lower heating bills.

They are affordable

Sash windows are designed to enhance the aesthetics and traditional charm of any home, providing it with a classic feel. Not only can these windows help keep the house warmer in winter months but can also lower noise levels significantly. Furthermore, their use is effortless as no additional hardware is needed to open or close them; moreover this type of window boasts counterweights which make entry very hard.

Sash windows are perfect if you want to add character and charm to any property, while also being practical options for older homes. Available in an array of colours and styles, you can easily select one to meet the aesthetic of your home using an online visualiser tool for designing the ideal window sash for yourself.

No matter what design or material style of replacement sash windows you require for your Glasgow home, our sash window experts have something suitable. When purchasing replacements it is essential that high quality materials such as timber are chosen that will stand the test of time and offer long-term performance.